Italian luxury furniture

We love what we do


Italian luxury furniture is not necessarily ostentation but an indulgence that derives from within; an intense and unceasing pleasure gained from perceptions and involving all the senses. Furnishing involves designing man’s surroundings. Every object should suggest rather than flaunt excellence, fulfilling man’s needs, dreams and most hidden desires.


Our luxury furniture and interior designs are unique, just like the exquisite geometry of a snowflake. They have a distinct style and class, which are reflected in the forms, colours and harmonies, creating an unmistakable elegance. No two individuals are alike, just as no two furniture designs are identical: this is the concept behind our daily choices.


We provide a 360° from the creation of specifications in close contact with architects, facilitating the choice of the best solution, to training and management of budget. We deal about the organization and logistics of purchases for our customers and we offer consultancy and project management services.


GMC is a young and dynamic team with a passion for the concreteness. A team of specialists, experts in the luxury sector, able to satisfy the wishes of a sophisticated and demanding public. Knowledge of materials, interest in the art and design world, keep the team updated and permit to provide more appropriate solutions.

We take the boldest intuitions and the wildest dreams and help them evolve, giving them a precise identity and finding their perfect niche.

Technique and art

Unique creations of italian furniture

We ”dress” a home like a person, with the same care and attention to style and way of life.