Clothing our luxury furniture

The convinction that clothing a luxury furniture is no different from clothing a person magically unites style, glamour, tradition and quality, in the prestigious developments of GMC Contract & Mobili, in which the competence of industry professionals and above all, the desire for a beauty which matches client’s dreams and secret passions are displayed.

Architects relationship

The delicate relationship between GMC Contract & Mobili and the architects collaborating in the contract projects is as fundamental as the aesthetic affinity which has made many developments possible and the acute flexibility of GMC Contract & Mobili in understanding the philosophy of a project.

In developing hotel and private contracts, the relationship between the architect, the client and GMC Contract and Mobili is vital, as only a continual dialogue between these parties allows a clear understanding of the fundamental balance required in a large project.

Customers relationship

Interpreting an idea, therefore, means being in harmony with the architect, understanding the demands of the client, respecting his sensibility and desires and giving form and substance to his dreams: a responsibility which GMC Contract & Mobili, as general contractor, has always successfully and completely fulfilled.

In the delicate undertaking of converting palaces and buildings into luxury hotels, GMC Contract & Mobili has become a fundamental point of reference.

Luxury and functionality are the two distinctive characteristics of the most recents developments: the Hilton Royal Complex – Jeddah, the Hotel Principe di Savoia – Milan, the Hotel Home Florence – Florence, Boscolo Hotel Exedra – Nice and Boscolo Hotel Exedra – Milan.

A synergy of multifaceted creativity responding perfectly to the idea of architectural space, in which the emotions of the guest play a decisive role.

Nowadays the company is opening its market by means of renewed interest to China and Russian Federation.