Luxury furniture: an italian talent

The example of the clever hands of the GMC craftsmen who create uniqueness and luxury furniture

An inlay, or the gilding of a piece of furniture. Decorative elements which in prestigious luxury furniture cannot be effectively recreated by a machine. Behind these elements are those clever, often callused, hands, dusty with decades of experience, sawdust and splinters. Hands that, for years, have fashioned unique and unimaginable pieces.

This is how Italian quality furniture is styled, furniture which makes luxury its strong suit.

Small workshops which represent the real added value of GMC and which make dreams come true, creating – to design – unique and unrepeatable pieces, which are displayed in exclusive hotels, where their lines, unmistakable Italian style and, above all, their luxurious elegance, can be admired.

The human touch

“A piece of furniture crafted entirely by hand will never be perfectly symmetrical and it is also in this that its uniqueness lies” say the GMC craftsmen, recalling an old story. Yes, of course, because no machine will ever be able to emulate the sensitivity and creativity of a craftsman. The careful choice of various woods and their exquisitely precise arrangement in inlays, for example, the expert mixing of pigments in the pictorial decoration of the wooden surfaces are the arts that enrich GMC furnishings, making them priceless.

Furnishings for many, but not for everyone. For the many connoisseurs of style and elegance, and for all those who are seeking a piece of furniture that transcends its nature, becoming a work of art.

Style: dreamlike and modern

This is the style of GMC, a company belonging to the Sacea Group which, with the turnkey contract formula, has planted a seed worldwide: that of the elegance of Italian luxury furniture. A seed that has spread throughout the world. A seed which employs man as its most state-of-the-art instrument, for period and modern furniture alike.

Because GMC has diversified its business. It does not only design period pieces that become works of art; it also has mastered the modern style to perfection. This is because it conceives of a room as a stage subject to constant changes of scenery, in which space continues to be reinvented and where the function of each piece of furniture becomes communication.

Contemplating the luxury furniture of GMC means taking a trip inside a dream: a dream that speaks Italian.