GMC, lead supplier of italian luxury furniture, arrives in Vietnam

The company, which is part of the Sacea Group, has agreed to open two showrooms in Hanoi and Saigon aimed at the designing and producing of luxury hotel furnishings in South East Asia

GMC, a Sacea Group company specialised in the production of Italian luxury furniture and furnishings, has agreed to a contract with Dong Duong BM Ltd, an important Vietnamese company specialised in the building of luxury accommodation.

GMC will initially have two showrooms in Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City (formerly Saigon)which will be, in accordance with the contract, the bases for the luxury-hospitality projects.

Thanks to the showrooms a second phase of designing and producing turnkey furnishings for luxury hotels as well as exclusive areas in resorts and private settings will be possible through designing the space and producing all-inclusive furniture.

This agreement follows the arrival of important commercial dealers in September based in the South East Asian countries. These dealers travelled to Italy to promote Italian style in the Far East.

During their visit to Italy the delegations were joined by the president of the Italian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce. Both the delegation of Asian businessmen and the president expressed their great admiration for the splendor, distinctiveness and Italian style of GMC Italy.

The showrooms are important operating centres for carrying out Italian luxury furnishing projects, in close conjunction with prominent Italian and Vietnamese architects who focus on the uniqueness and splendor of spaces and furnishings associated with GMC Italy.