The turnkey contract formula in luxury furnishings

From design through to maintenance via production and installation.

In the furnishing sector, the turnkey contract formula provides a perfect synthesis of the all-inclusive formula, starting from the design project right through to after-sales assistance for the furnishings.

The projects are usually very big and involve the directly commissioned supply of a series of products designed ad hoc or hand-made, plus the services required for their installation within the date agreed on the turnkey contract stipulated between the client and the company, where the manufacturing of the products and the provision of the services are usually outsourced.

An aspect, the latter, which is even more frequent in the luxury furnishings sector for the very reason that the furniture is usually hand-crafted. The pieces ordered are bespoke, one-of-a-kind products, conceived and designed in collaboration with the end customer.

Unique, handcrafted, luxury furniture.

A company that makes furniture with the turnkey contract formula, offering “turnkey projects” has project management in its DNA.

Design is very important because most of the value of the turnkey contract depends on it: design may account for up to 8% of production costs, but it is responsible for 70% of the costs. Dynamism and flexibility are vital for being able to produce large quantities to tight deadlines. The fixed and production costs of vertical integration limit elasticity and should be eliminated. For this reason, a company using the turnkey contract formula in the luxury furnishing sector must be able to count on an outsourcing network made up of reliable, expert craftsmen able to maintain the typical quality standards that distinguish them, within the timeframes required.

The design project

Upline, the contractor (the company that makes the luxury furnishings) is responsible for the entire management of the design project.

This means understanding the client’s needs, developing the design project by interfacing with the architecture firm (if selected outside of the company), meeting economic requirements, supervising the worksites, logistics and after-sales service.

Each single detail has to be defined so as to ensure that the finished furniture product will be a dream come true for the end user.
Style, elegance, class and luxury are the exclusive prerogative of a company that creates furnishings with the turnkey contract formula and understands the needs of its clientele, but which also knows how to guide it in the making of certain choices.